The 300 plus girls who who make up the choirs of Presentation Secondary School are not only leading the way in terms of success in competition, they're also an inspiration to other schools and have helped raise the standard of choral singing throughout the country. Whether they are singing for Parents or Presidents, they take great pleasure in raising their voices to the heavens and delighting their audience. Behind the scenes it takes great dedication, practice and perseverance to be able to perform to the highest standards – essential qualities for life that the girls take with them when they leave.

“The repertoire of the various choirs is truly remarkable and the ability of the girls to interpret the pieces both vocally, as well as in actions, has captivated many audiences.”Presentation Pupil
“I have met many inspirational teachers in my life – teachers whose expertise and passion for their work makes their teaching an art form – but I will never meet the match of Veronica McCarron.”Presentation Pupil
“You can see the pride the students have in themselves the way they perform – the pride they have in themselves and their school.”Presentation Pupil
“Watching every one of these students sing with such presence and such talent and such pride before their families was truly amazing. Only Veronica could evoke such a response from these young girls.”Presentation Pupil